Practicing my tobikanna  飛びカンナの体験

Practicing my tobikanna



Maggie Connolly is an artist and author from Dubuque, Iowa. After earning her undergraduate degree from Grinnell College in 2007, she made her way to China eventually becoming the first American graduate to earn a MFA in Ceramics from Tsinghua University in Beijing. She then hopped, skipped and jumped over to Japan. In 2017, she became the second American to earn a Ph. D from Tokyo University of the Arts for ceramics. In Spring of 2019 she finished a two year post-doctorate program there. She has two books about the respective histories and cultures of Chinese and Japanese ceramics due out in summer of 2019. She has published multiple articles in Ceramics Monthly related to her travels throughout Asia researching ceramics. In her free time, she enjoys playing bridge.